Interested in managing the café at Nuuk's upcoming international airport?

Kalaallit Airports is seeking a strong collaborative partner to operate the new café in Nuuk's upcoming airport. We are looking for a lessee with vision and a knack for service to run a café that meets customers' expectations, similar to those found in other international airports.

Thursday - 09. November 2023

Qaqortoq: Significant progress on the airport project before work halts during winter

It has been a busy 2022 in Qaqortoq since a chartered cargo ship from the main contractor, Pennecon, in early summer unloaded large quantities of material and machinery at the construction site of the coming airport.

Thursday - 08. December 2022

The contracting for the upcoming airport in Qaqortoq is concluded.

Canadian Pennecon Heavy Civil will be tasked with constructing the new runway at the upcoming airport in Qaqortoq. The contract has been signed and the construction work will start in the spring.

Wednesday - 23. February 2022

State-of-the-art equipment provides fewer cancellations at upcoming airports

Kalaallit Airports has made a contract with Spanish Comsa for the supply of technical equipment for the upcoming airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat. The equipment makes it safe to land in even severe weather conditions, increases regularity and provides fewer cancellations.

Thursday - 04. November 2021

Press release

Routes: Kalaallit Airports and Visit Greenland chase Greenland’s flying future

Wednesday - 03. November 2021

Press release

The new Atlantic Airport in Nuuk will open in 2024

Monday - 30. August 2021

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