State-of-the-art equipment provides fewer cancellations at upcoming airports

Kalaallit Airports has made a contract with Spanish Comsa for the supply of technical equipment for the upcoming airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat. The equipment makes it safe to land in even severe weather conditions, increases regularity and provides fewer cancellations.

Kalaallit Airports has entered a contract with the Spanish company Comsa Industrial, which will supply and install modern aeronautical equipment at the upcoming international airports in both Nuuk and Ilulissat.

The equipment provides more and safer landing opportunities, especially in more difficult weather conditions. It reduces the number of cancellations and helps to increase regularity in both places.

The agreement is the result of an international tender conducted by Kalaallit Airports, in which companies from both Europe and the USA have participated. Comsa Industrial won the tender and is looking forward to getting started.

“At Comsa Industrial, we have extensive experience in supplying and installing aeronautical equipment. We are pleased to have won the task and look forward to doing our part to ensure even more stable and safe air connections to Greenland,” says Operations Manager Enrique Cano Samos, Comsa Industrial.

Also at Kalaallit Airport, there is great satisfaction that the agreement has fallen into place.

"We are pleased that the agreement has been reached. The initial dialogue has been positive, and we feel confident that Comsa can carry out the task professionally and competently. It is a big step in the right direction for the new international airports, says project manager Jesper Nordskilde, Kalaallit Airports

How aeronautical systems increase safety and regularity

Several different technical systems will be installed at the new Atlantic airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat.

  • Precision runways with advanced approach aids allow pilots to navigate vertically and horizontally using the aircraft's in-flight navigation instruments.
  • Distance measuring equipment on the runway acts as a kind of navigation lighthouse, enabling aircraft to measure their position with great precision.
  • Meteorological systems with advanced sensors measure cloud height, wind, temperature and the horizontal visibility along the runway.

New control towers

KAIR is building new control towers at each airport. In the towers, of course, a communication system will be installed to be able to talk to both air traffic, crew and vehicles. As something new in Greenland, an electronic system for handling incoming and outgoing traffic is also being installed, as well as an electronic Air Traffic Service (ATS) monitoring system. The ATS (ADS-B Ground Equipment) system is to be used to monitor all vehicles in the airport area. All vehicles are equipped with a transmitter so that the control tower on a scare can see where all the cars are at any time. This is done to ensure that there are no accidents between planes and cars. The control tower also has an advanced video surveillance system to monitor the entire airport.

Kalaallit Airports expects a regularity at the new airport in Nuuk of 95 percent - and in Ilulissat a regularity of 98 percent.