The new Atlantic Airport in Nuuk will open in 2024

KAIR postpones the opening of the new airport in Nuuk for one year - from 2023 to 2024. The reason is a combination of complications and delays in connection with Covid-19 as well as a number of new regulatory requirements for the airport's equipment and facilities.

NUUK – The new, international airport in Nuuk will open in 2024 and not as originally planned in 2023. The postponement of the opening is due to a number of factors, of which Covid-19 is a strong contributor.

According to KAIR's preliminary calculations, the later completion of the airport can be handled within the current budgets and the previously announced extra loan of DKK 900 million, which was announced in the spring.

“We are sorry that the airport will be delayed until 2024. We are aware that this may have some consequences for the companies that are currently preparing for the opening. We have done everything we could to avoid this situation, but especially the covid-19 situation has presented the project with a number of unforeseen challenges, which unfortunately have made it impossible to adhere to the original schedule, says CEO. Jens Lauridsen, KAIR.

Especially during the summer of 2021, it has been difficult to reach the necessary milestones in construction, as a large number of specialists and employees at the suppliers were prevented from traveling to Nuuk due to Covid-19. Their task was to intensify a number of key, seasonal tasks. It has, for example, postponed preparatory work for asphalting, which can only be done in a time window of a few months during the summer.

KAIR has also worked intensively to implement a number of new requirements that have been added since the original schedule was laid. This applies, for example, to new requirements for center runway lights and approach lights from the aviation authorities.

“It is not just one of these extra tasks, but the total amount of incidents that have been decisive for the construction not being able to reach decisive milestones within the summer of 2021. This has ultimately unfortunately made it necessary to postpone the delivery of the new airport in Nuuk until 2024,” says Jens Lauridsen.

“But now we have a new and clear schedule towards the opening, and we look forward to moving ahead with establishing the new airports, which are among the most important tools for the development of future Greenland," he adds.

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